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Donald Trump is accused of using copyrighted images for his NFTs

Donald Trump’s newly released NFT collection may have been products of edited images from different startups. The digital cards’ images are similar to ones from Walmart and Amazon.

The former US president has been accused of using copyrighted images in his recently unveiled digital trading cards. Results depict that the NFTs could land him in legal hot water as several individuals could plead infringement from the initial designs.

Some social media users ridiculed Trump’s “major announcement” last week which turned out to be the release of a collection of digital trading cards. The former president, who is also charging toward a 2024 Presidential seat re-election, weirdly created uncouth characters in the NFTs, along with an astronaut, a superhero, and a cowboy.

Donald’s NFT collection consisted of 45,000 images. Each was sold at $99. Nonetheless, he might become a dead bag after sharp-eyed social media users flaunt him on Twitter and other pages. The former President is still also facing some criminal charges, with one hailing from his infamous queries on the results of the 2020 US Presidential Elections.

Reaction from social media pages

Mathew Sheffield, a journalist for The Young Turks, believes Mr. Trump’s cowboy NFT seemed to be a doctored image from Amazon selling an actual men’s Duster jacket. He highlighted how the NFT collection appears to be a series of slightly altered images. 

Another Twitter user, SkeeterBombay, asked whether Donald’s golf NFT had acquired permission from Reuters since the photo was taken as the former President was playing golf.

Another prototype, in which Trump is depicted as a fighter pilot, is said to have been based on a Shutterstock photo. WhaleChart, a cryptocurrency account, focused on what seemed to be a graphic left on the outfit. 

Trump is depicted as an astronaut on another virtual trading card purportedly stolen from NASA. also announced Trump’s behavior in accumulating other photos that are twisted for usage in his new collectibles. One NFT in particular, depicting Trump holding a shotgun while decked out in full hunting attire, was connected to a set of waders made by Branded.

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