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Ethereum Arrow Glacier Upgrade: What Is It? | by CointradeIndia

Arrow Glacier’s network upgrade delays Ethereum’s difficulty bomb until June 2022. The difficulty bomb deadline has also been extended several times in previous updates. Ethereum mining will be uneconomical and difficult due to the difficulty bomb. A Proof of Stake blockchain will force miners to switch over to Ethereum 2.0 as a result of this feature.

The update contains one Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) that delays the difficulty bomb. EIPs are proposals for changes that are created and reviewed by the Ethereum community. A particularly exciting aspect of Arrow Glacier is that it seems to be the final extension of the difficulty bomb before Ethereum 2.0’s release. As of block number 13,773,000, Dec 9, 2021, the Ethereum Arrow Glacier Upgrade has been implemented. It allows developers more time to prepare Ethereum 2.0 by delaying the network’s difficulty bomb. Ethereum updates involve the extension of the time bomb regularly. Formerly scheduled for December 2021, it will now occur around June 2022 with the London hard fork.

The Arrow Glacier upgrade is very similar to the Muir Glacier upgrade in January 2020, which also deferred the time bomb. The “ice age” is pushed back by only one Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP). Furthermore, the London, Byzantium, and Constantinople updates included difficulty bomb extensions. There will be no noticeable difference for the average user. The confirmation times for blocks have remained near constant for the past year at around 13 seconds. To run a node or mine Ethereum, you’ll need the latest Ethereum client.

Ethereum can be improved or changed by the EIP. A community of Ethereum developers, an editorial board, and the Ethereum community can review an EIP. EIPs must pass approval before they can be included in an update. Technical requirements for a change are contained within each EIP according to a specific format. Arrow Glacier consists of only one EIP, here EIP-4345. Ethereum’s mining ice age can only be extended by extending the time between now and then.

Despite Arrow Glacier being a small update, it’s an important one. It prevents the network from becoming too expensive to mine and too slow to use. Ethereum’s community is also pretty excited about it. Ethereum 2.0 could be available as soon as June 2022 if it is the last extension to the difficulty bomb.

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