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Get a free ōLand NFT. ōRouters, ōLands, ōCash, ōTreats and… | by Dhiraj Dixit | Coinmonks | Dec, 2022

ōRouters, ōLands, ōCash, ōTreats and ōFriends.

How to Get your ōLand NFT?

  1. Visit the Overline airdrop page.
  2. Enter your information to register.
  3. Step three is to check your mail.
  4. You will receive a free NFT land
  5. Additionally, receive an NFT for each recommendation.

A number of individuals have requested for a high-level overview of what the Overline Network is, how it works, and what exactly Routers, Lands, Cash, Treats, and Friends are on various forums.

The summary that follows should be helpful.

A decentralised wireless network is being launched by OverlineNetworks (“Overline”). Without cellphone coverage or the internet in general, the network uses a multichain protocol to perform transactions between blockchains wirelessly. A network of Overline-purchased routers, positioned anywhere the owner desires, provides wireless connectivity.

In parallel, Overline has developed a virtual overlay called “ōLands” that consists of 1.67 acre land pieces located all over the world. Anyone can request a free plot of land, but the property’s locations aren’t made public right away. By convincing further individuals to sign up using your referral link, you can then receive additional Lands for yourself.

If a ōRouter physically exists in the vicinity of your land location, the land will be given a cryptocurrency prize based on the percentage of traffic that passes through the router.

ōRouters, ōLands, ōCash, ōTreats and ōFriends.

Try to find a ōFriend who will deliver additional crypto awards to your ōland as this is another approach to increase the worth of your land. You must spread one or more ōtreats around your land plot in order to find a friend. To acquire a ōtreat, you must first exchange 10 cash; extra cash can be purchased online if needed.

When you have treats, you can put them on your land. The more treats you put there, the faster your friends will be revealed. Congratulations if you are fortunate enough to obtain a “Friend,” but if not, there are still 64 artifacts that you may obtain, or if you are utterly unsuccessful, you will receive a credit back of 10 “ōCash.

Each of the many “ōFriend” revelations has a blue energy score that, among other things, increases the land’s earning potential.

The last thing to mention is that lands can be brought together to form a maximum area known as Level 128 (up to 128 lands).

Transferring ōLands and artifacts between users should be possible in the future, but specifics have not yet been made public.

The Land Artifact Upgrades are listed below.

The quantity of blue energy you receive increases as you move down the artefact list.

Flower Farm
Rock Garden
Rope Bridge
Carrier Pidgeon
Dutch Windmill
Cactus Forest
Olive Tree
Bird House
Water Well
Fungi Farm
Tire Swing
Wooden Dock
Turbo Swing
Tree House
Ball Pit
Scorched Landing Pad
Walkie Talkie
Energy Bridge
Smoke Signals
Tin Cans On A Wire
Rusted Circuit Board
Fairy House
Candy Tree
Rose Tree
Rabbit Burrow
Token Mint
Robot Factory
Door To Candyland
Door To Wonderland
Door To Catlantis
Door To The Fountain Of Youth
Door To The Kingdom Of Surreal
Jade Sundial
Ferris Wheel
Message In A Bottle
Totern Pole
Antique Carousel
Bottle Of Okeefe
Dinoraur Tooth For Stewards
Piece Of Shipwreck For Explorers
Magic Lamp For Mystics
Telescope For Philosophers
Carpetbaggers Dice For Rulers
Ancient Bust Of Philosophers
Star Gas Sample For Innovators
Temporal Rift For Builders
Rainbow Farm
Wizard Hat For Innovators
Dragons Nest For Rulers
Fairy Wings For Stewards
Cloak Of Invisibility For Explorers
Golder Harp For Rulers
Enchanted Music Box For Mystics
Glowing Mallard For Philosophers
Bubble Wand For Builders
Wolf Collar For Explorers

Please feel free to use my link if you want to claim a free ōLand.

Get a free ōLand NFT
Get a free ōLand NFT

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