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DC CIR. REBUFFS GOP ATTEMPT TO FORCE MORE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS @ S. BORDER — Brings End Of Title 42, Restoration Of Rule Of Law A Step Closer! –

U.S. appeals court ruling means border expulsions on track to end Dec. 21

A federal appeals court in the District of Columbia rules on the Biden administration’s plans to stop expelling migrants from the nation’s borders.

By Maria Sacchetti and Arelis R. Hernández

It’s possible that the nativist AGs will try the Supremes. But, a stay at this point seems unlikely.

The next issue is that the Biden Administration has shown little enthusiasm for actually ending Title 42 (despite nominally professing a desire to do so) and no apparent confidence that they can competently restore the rule of law for asylum seekers. Maybe, advocates and the asylum seekers themselves will save the Administration from itself once again. But, that’s a tall order.

🇺🇸Due Process Forever!





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