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Ripple to assist Palau launch national stablecoin on XRP Ledger

Ripple, a payments company, headquartered in San Francisco, is starting a stablecoin initiative for Palau, a country in Micronesia, on the XRP Ledger. While speaking at a crypto conference in Singapore, Surangel Whipps Jr., the president of Palau, said the island nation has many industries under development that use cryptocurrency, including a government-issued stablecoin and Binance Pay.

Palau is going all in on crypto

Palau is also taking action by working with Ripple to investigate the development of a national stablecoin, which they aim to introduce shortly and is expected to facilitate safe and straightforward payments. This development occurred a few days after Professors RK Shayamasundar, Kenichi Uedi, and Ripple’s Antony Welfare addressed central bank digital currencies.

Palau has also received recognition from influential figures in the blockchain sector, such as Changpeng Zhao from Binance, who visited them a few months ago. Palau reportedly discussed how they could work together on the digital program and how to use Binance Pay to create digital payments for them and even participated in local commerce.

Whipps Jr: Palau’s small size serves as a significant advantage to the adoption

Whipps Jr. asserts that the nation’s small size makes integrating digital assets into its monetary sector simpler while expressing his excitement to move into a new era for Palau. 

“Our small size is one of our advantages since it should make it easier for us to mobilize our administration and respond to the reforms needed in this fast-changing environment.”

In a study on stablecoins published last month, Ripple Labs predicted that 2023 would be a strong year for the dollar-pegged digital assets as more institutions and investors would adopt them, not forgetting the cross-chain capabilities they bring with them.

Cross-chain interoperability and the numerous advantages of open, decentralized blockchain networks will be important stepping stones to a stablecoin future as financial institutions such as banks continue investigating other stablecoin use cases.

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