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The current price of Bitcoin is $16,800,How to get Airdrop Opportunities in a Bear Market? | by Chuxiaolian | Coinmonks | Dec, 2022

There was no market in the encryption market recently. After BTC fell below $20,000 in early November, the price has been fluctuating between 15k and 18k for more than a month, and it seems that it cannot rise or fall.

Of course, there may be a sudden plunge one day, falling to people’s psychological expectations, such as 12k?

Or now is the bottom price, the market will no longer fluctuate greatly, slowly wear down the patience of users, wait until most of them don’t look at the market and leave the market in frustration, then slowly pull up and enter the next bull market.

Bitcoin daily fluctuations Current price is $16,800

With Christmas and the upcoming New Year in 2023, the market at this node is quiet, and there are few new projects out of the circle.

Chinese players are experiencing it as a family unit. They are experiencing colds and fevers brought by the COVID-19. On social media, they are all feverish and positive. The lively groups in the past are all discussing the symptoms and impact of the COVID-19.

Everyone is suffering, getting through the initial discomfort of the body, and then a long recovery period, just like waiting for the long bull market to return.

COVID-19 positive

There is no market and no 10 times new projects, maybe can pay attention to airdrop opportunities. Interact while learning about popular projects, maybe there will be airdrops in the future!

Chuxiaolian has been learning the Starknet network in the past two days, and there are many projects in its ecology.

During this time, projects on the L2 track are very lively, such as Optimism, Arbitrum, ZK-Rollup, Zksync, etc. Users continue to interact and hope to receive airdrops when they go public in the future.

Ecological projects of Starknet network

What are the projects in the Starknet ecosystem?

There are currently hundreds of projects in the Starknet ecosystem, including Bridge, DAO, DeFi, Digital ID, GameFi, NFT and other tracks.

For example, the wallet project ArgentX has access to multiple projects and a large number of users. Players can directly check the NFT held in the wallet, which seems to be more convenient to operate than metamask.

At present, you can directly install the plug-in in Google Chrome to experience the ArgentX wallet.

ArgentX wallet page

There are also many projects under the gamefi category, many of which are new games, and the community size is still relatively small. I don’t know which game can be done in the end.

For example, this construction-based pixel game Phi is positioned as a social game and creates a web3 world through a wallet. In this Metaverse game, there are various project components, linking various web3 projects through one game.

Of course, web3 games must have a complete economic ecology and a good economic model if they want to go out of the circle and develop for a long time, so that users are willing to spend time immersing themselves in it and making money while playing.

Pixel Game Phi

How to interact with the Starknet network?

There are also quite a lot of Starknet network interactive projects, such as the recently popular DeFi project zkLend testnet launched.

Users receive goerli network test coins through the metamask, and then cross-chain to the Starknet network through starkgate, and then use the ArgentX wallet to log in to the zkLend test network.

Providing liquidity supply, and lending Borrow and other functional experience is to carry out project interaction.

After interacting on the testnet, it depends on whether there is a chance to get the project airdrop later.

Defi project zkLend

There is also the DID track project starknetID.

From the initial ENS on the ETH chain, to spaceID on the BSC chain, to Aptos, Cosmos, Solana and other ecology have their own domain name entrances, starknet.ID may also be an important part of the ecology.

The first phase of Starknet ID activity has ended, and the official website will be launched soon. Users can experience registration through the ArgentX wallet. domain name

And there are many interactions on the L2 network, and there are many interactive tutorials on the Internet, most of which are conducted on the test network without gas fees.

If you don’t know which hot spots to follow, you might as well find them all to operate and see. The interactive process is also learning and understanding.

The bear market is long, and if you don’t know the short-term market trend, it’s better to be a friend of time, and you will get something in whichever direction you pay.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I’m Chuxiaolian, and I’m paying attention to Metaverse and web3.

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