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Sam Bankman-Fried Welcomes Sexy Crypto Influencer While Under House Arrest

Sam Bankman-Fried may no longer be in prison but he’s still a person that may be hard to reach.

The former FTX CEO is now in the comfort of home with his parents and away from that damp and rodent-infested cell in the Bahamas, where his once mighty crypto exchange empire was headquartered.

Sam Bankman-Fried is under house arrest. As many would already know, this was made possible by a $250 million bail his mom and dad put up just so they could prevent him from staying in another prison cell, and attend to him, like fixing him breakfast, maybe do his laundry, things parents do to their beloved child.

Now that he’s home, that doesn’t mean people can just drop by anytime for coffee or chat. The road leading up to his parents house has been closed down from the public.

The presence of big black tinted SUVs can be seen by the roadside, obviously to warn people that someone very important lives up ahead and they need to stay away.

The road leading up to Sam Bankman-Fried’s parents' house has been closed off to the public. Image: David G. McIntyre/NYPost

Tiffany Fong In The House

Despite the air of intimidation, there have been actually a couple of people who have managed to get inside the Bankman-Fried house to pay the crypto wunderkind a visit.

One of them is the sexy and glamorous crypto journalist Tiffany Fong.

Fong met with Sam Bankman-Fried “last night,” according to a tweet she posted on Wednesday. She also noted that she was “still in holiday mood and visiting family” in San Francisco at the time.

Two days after, best-selling author Michael Lewis paid a visit to Bankman-Fried, who looks to be adapting the downfall of his crypto enterprise into a film. Lewis and SBF chatted for several hours, the report said.

Sam Bankman-Fried: ‘Surprisingly Optimistic’

The attractive crypto influencer told the New York Post that despite the seriousness of the charges against Bankman-Fried, he is “surprisingly optimistic.”

The 26-year old, who is also single, was the first person the former FTX top honcho divulged his reported polyamorous sex life with in a phone call that went public last month.

Crypto total market cap at $755 billion on the daily chart | Chart:

Fong said she had met the now-ankle-monitored former billionaire in the residence’s library, and their conversation had been completely about business, as SBF doesn’t seem interested in sharing his thoughts about “worst case scenarios.”

Image: Tiffany Fong/Instagram
Before his company imploded, Bankman-Fried told Fong that he had donated to both Republicans and Democrats in their political campaigns.

Fong stayed late into the night at the Bankman-Fried residence in Palo Alto, California (owned by his parents), sources said.

Tiffany Fong with U.S. President Joe Biden. Image: Tiffany Fong Instagram

Sam Bankman-Fried faces a maximum of 115 years in jail if convicted on all charges. He “expressed regret” a number of times, Fong said, so it’s clear he feels bad about all that has happened and what awaits him in the coming weeks, or months.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration noticed Fong’s meteoric rise in the crypto community and invited her to the White House Christmas Party, where she joked that she let the U.S. President “smell” her hair, in an Instagram photo of her with Joe Biden.

Featured Image: Tiffany Wong Instagram

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