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Why Is Coindhan India’s Safest P2P Exchange? | by CoinDhan | Coinmonks | Jan, 2023

At the backdrop of increased pressure from the RBI and the NCPI, exchanges have banned payment via UPI and banks; thus, paving the way for the P2P or peer-to-peer trading option to evolve further. If you look at the data of Q3 pf 2022, it has shown a steep jump of 5 million more customers trading via P2P. In 2021, the numbers were $11.2 million; whereas, in Q3 of 2022, it has reached $15.7. It is expected that these numbers will rise citing rising tax concerns going forward in 2023. That said, which exchanges should top the list when you are going for a p2p trading in 2023. In this blog, we shall look into that;

Criteria To Choose a Good P2P Exchange

Some of the best P2P crypto exchanges ought to have the following features intact:

Coindhan is an emerging centralized cryptocurrency exchange in India which has recently integrated P2P functions. The exchange experiences very high trading volume on a daily basis. Thus making the lives of traders seemingly easier to trade in cryptos. Top features of Coindhan which has made it a force to be reckoned with in P2P crypto trading.

Lately we have seen many negative sentiments around crypto. The ED or Enforcement Directorate in India has targeted more than 10 exchanges that have failed to comply with AML. However, Coindhan has been way above or in the whitelist when it comes to labeling exchanges that are pro-rule compliant and adhering to the terms and conditions of the government. As a result of that, the trust has been flying high when it comes to P2P trading on Coindhan.

2FA or Two Factor authentication is another key feature that one should watch out for in a P2P exchange. Due to a 2FA, anyone cannot get access to your crypto account despite knowing the password. Coidhan has integrated the same to discourage any attempt of fraud or sabotage by hackers.

Coindhan follows end-to-end encryption on its exchange protecting the users against any type of data abuse. As a result of this, one can be 100% sure that their data will not be abused by the exchange or by individuals/organizations with a malicious intent to abuse data.

Coindhan has also introduced a 100% secure wallet which can withstand hacking attacks and help users secure their funds. In this way, the users can be sure that their funds will be protected even if they are storing them over the exchange.

P2P exchanges have seen time and again that counterparties do not perform their duties with ethical standards. Keeping that in mind, the exchange has set-up a dispute resolution system where traders can appeal for any unethical or illegal practice by the trader. The exchange will intervene to provide an instantaneous resolve.

Coindhan also has a robust support system which covers a 365 days and 24*7 support window to help customers.

Benefits of P2P Trading

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