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Binance.US runs an unregistered exchange : SEC lawyer | Curated CoinCodeCap #3 March 2023 | by Coinmonks Team | Coinmonks | Mar, 2023

Crypto Regulation, DAO Wars, DeFi Sagas, Bitcoin Supremacy, and Digital Avatars, all here with market updates and a meme.

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  • According to a Securities and Exchange Commission representative, Binance US is allegedly running an unlicensed commodities exchange in the United States.
  • William Uptegrove of the SEC expressed worry that the sale and offering of Voyager’s VGX token have characteristics of securities transactions. Keep Reading »
  • According to the company, Silvergate’s Silvergate Exchange Network will close as part of a risk-based decision.
  • The closure of Silvergate Exchange Network won’t have an impact on other deposit-related services, according to Silvergate. Keep Reading »
  • Circle has transferred a portion of its leftover USDC reserve deposits from Silvergate to other partner banks.
  • Silvergate’s Exchange Network (SEN), which Silvergate Bank previously offered to the broader digital assets market, has been discontinued.
  • The rundown of platforms severing ties with Silvergate Network now includes Circle, Coinbase, Galaxy, and Paxos. Keep Reading »
  • Silvergate Bank was ordered to pay crypto lender BlockFi $9.85 million by a US bankruptcy court.
  • The $10 million placed in the bank’s reserve account was released after negotiations between BlockFi and Silvergate. Keep Reading »
  • The 2-year Standard plan comes down to $2.99/month.
    The 2-year Plus plan$3.99 /month.
    The 2-year Complete plan$5.29/month.
  • The 1-year Standard plan comes down to $4.49/month.
    The 1-year Plus plan$5.49/month.
    The 1-year Complete Plan$6.79/month.
  • The report claims that Crypto Capital Corp., a “shadow bank” held Tether funds before being shut down by authorities in 2018.
  • The report alleges that Tether used controversial third parties that used hundreds of millions of dollars of seized assets and had connections to a designated terrorist organization.
  • Tether has rubbished the report as “wholly inaccurate and misleading.” Keep Reading »
  • Eric Peters will continue to serve as CEO of Coinbase Asset Management and ORDAM
  • Under acquisition terms, ORDAM will continue to function as an independent entity under Coinbase, separated from their trading and exchange businesses. Keep Reading »

We saw the highest of Number of Sales on 31st December which was 18.6K and the Lowest of number of sales was recorded on 2nd January which was 12.9K. This Metric showed an overall Decrease.

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The cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile markets in the world, with a lot of uncertainty and risk.

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