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SolanaFM Developer Portal Deep Dive | by Oderinde Ifeoluwa | Coinmonks | Mar, 2023

  1. Indexer: This enables people to gather and access Solana data at a highly efficient rate.
  2. Explorer: This enables people to view and interact with Solana data.
  • On-demand indexing: Indexing is a data structure technique to efficiently retrieve records from a database based on some attributes on which the indexing has been done. On-demand indexing on SolanaFM allows anyone to retrieve IDLs from Solana to start indexing the program’s data on demand. Apparently, this process takes less than 30 seconds — as a result of each of these indexers capturing all transactions within the IDL’s instructions.
  • API Queries: The portal also allows you to query and retrieve data that you’ve indexed so far. For instance, here is an example of what it looks like extracting all @ZetaMarkets transactions invoking the placePerpOrderV2 instruction.
  • Webhooks: You can create webhook subscriptions to capture the data that’s important to you. First, you sign up to get the apiKey and use the apiKey in your environment for your REST API calls. With full flexibility in the IDLs your index and the webhooks you specify, you can create the most precise data streams to power your applications.
  • Devnet Support: As you’ve probably guessed, there’s also Devnet to fully support development, helping to identify crucial bugs before going on Mainnet.
  • Historical indexing (Backfill): This allows for going back in time and accessing the full historical data of chosen IDL. You can create a backfill job and specify the intended block range and the portal will handle the rest.
  • Solana statistics: This includes the current SOL price (via Binance) against yesterday’s price and Solana’s current market cap.
  • True TPS: This is the true transaction per second as dissected by SolanaFM. Solana’s TPS theoretically announced on its whitepaper is 710,000 TPS, but on average it does 3000 TPS. This can then be separated into failed transactions and successful transactions. With the successful transactions further dissected into vote transactions and non-vote transactions. What you see on SolanaFM as True TPS are non-vote transactions, which are transactions that interact with Dapps built on Solana.
  • Block: This contains the current number of blocks produced, their details, epoch, transactions and block rewards, and the validator which produced the block.
  • You can also see the latest blocks and the nearest Solana nodes to you.
  • Copy trading / social trading tool
  • Better KYC and AML tool

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