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How to earn money in the web3 game FlappyMoonbird? | by Chuxiaolian | Coinmonks | Mar, 2023

I play this web3 game, FlappyMoonbird.

Flying Moonbird is a free 2 Earn casual H5 mini-game based on Moonbirds NFT.

The player controls the mouse or the screen to let the bird pass through the wooden blocks. The more the number of passes, the more rewards.


After passing levels 20, 35 and 66, you can get rainbow eggs, silver eggs and golden eggs respectively. After opening, you may get fragments or game tokens FMB, and blind boxes.

At present, collecting 250 fragments can be exchanged for a white list, and the white list can be used to cast Genesis Bird NFT. At present, the number of game users has exceeded 100,000+.

how to play flappymoonbird

How to play FlappyMoonbird?

The game can be accessed on mobile phones and web pages, and the game can be started after logging in to the game with a wallet.

At present, the game has 2 ways to play, single player and multiplayer PK.

FlappyMoonBird is a single-player game where eggs are rewarded by passing blocks.

The most powerful player opens the golden egg after passing the 66th level. It is possible to open a treasure chest and FMB, and it is possible to directly obtain the bird NFT.

I only got silver eggs at most, and the person who can get to the golden egg by manually breaking through the level is really amazing.

Pass 66 levels to get the golden egg

There is also the Racing Birds, a multiplayer competition mode, players need to invest in FMB to start the game PK, and the winners will receive exclusive rewards.

Bird Race is a game that rewards the brave, and the global multi-bird match starts. There may be various accidents during the competition, and the final winner will receive generous FMB, treasure chest NFT, and common bird NFT airdrop rewards.

Players can choose their favorite birds to compete, and they can also use props to hinder their opponents during the competition, making the gameplay more abundant.

There are three kinds of game birds,entertainment version, on-chain version, strategy + probability random version, with different gameplay and different benefits.

Racing Birds

How about FlappyMoonbird game earnings?

All web3 games are ultimately about playing to earn. Play FlappyMoonbird to get as much FMB as possible. FMB is not yet online.

After players get game fragments and synthesize NFT, they have the opportunity to obtain FMB in subsequent games, or sell them for cash after synthesizing NFT.

Currently, there are bird nest, Genesis bird and common bird NFTs in the game.

There are a total of 100 bird’s nest NFTs, which were issued on the Ethereum chain at the end of December last year at a price of 0.1ETH. The current floor price is 0.94ETH.

Bird’s Nest NFT can be pledged to obtain FMB. Holding the Bird’s Nest has a higher chance of opening a treasure chest, and it can also increase the income bonus of FMB.

Bird’s Nest NFT floor price 0.94ETH

Genesis Bird NFT plans to issue 10,000 NFTs. It has not yet been launched and is in the whitelist stage.

Holding Genesis Bird can get special game props, double income, and advertising income of the project.

Ordinary Bird NFT is issued in unlimited quantities, which is the entry-level for ordinary players, allowing players to participate in the game at a lower cost.

The Genesis Bird has not been launched yet. After obtaining the whitelist of the game, there is an opportunity to cast the Genesis Bird NFT.

This friend got 2487 FMB

After entering 2023, the encryption market has picked up, and various gamefi projects have become lively again. Players want to participate in the web3 project and be P2E in it.

Not only earn ReadON while reading, earn Gosleep while sleeping, earn CHILL while exercising, but also various web3 game items.

FlappyMoonbird has a low barrier to entry, and you can play zero games at present; H5-like small games, the gameplay is simple; and there is a mobile phone terminal, you can play a game when you are free, and earn money while playing.

Not sure which game will open the Gamefi doors for web3 in 2023, but P2E does make participation more fun and rewarding.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I’m Chuxiaolian, and I’m paying attention to Metaverse and web3.

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