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Polygon — Spiderman of Web3. The world of Ethereum is expanding… | by Parshvi Srivastava | Coinmonks | Mar, 2023

  1. POS (Proof of Stake): The main chain which also acts as a side chain to Ethereum is also known as the Matic POS chain. It adds a security layer to the transaction happening on Ethereum.
  2. Plasma Chain: Polygon uses scaling technology also known as Plasma to move assets between the root chain and child chain via Plasma Bridge.
  3. ZK-rollups: Another Scaling solution to bundle a large number of transactions off-chain to a single transaction using zero-knowledge proofs for the record in the Ethereum chain.
  4. Optimistic Rollups: A solution that runs on top of Ethereum to facilitate near-instant transactions through the use of “fraud proofs”.

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