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“Belong Anywhere” to “Live There”: Experience localization. | by Sandeep Banyal | Coinmonks | May, 2023

“Belong Anywhere” to “Live There”: Experience localization.

As marketing students, we must have heard many success stories and how they transformed the industry forever. Let’s look at one such tale to see what worked and how it influenced the business.

One of the most interesting marketing case studies on customer centricity is the transformation of Airbnb’s marketing strategy from a focus on listings to a focus on experiences.

In 2014, Airbnb realized that they needed to shift their marketing strategy from simply promoting listings to creating an emotional connection with their customers by promoting the experiences they could have while staying in an Airbnb property. They did comprehensive research to better understand their customer’s desires and goals and determined that the unique and authentic experiences they could have while traveling were what customers enjoyed the most about Airbnb.

As a result, Airbnb launched its “Belong Anywhere” #belongthere campaign, which emphasized the experiences customers may have while staying in an Airbnb property.

The campaign’s key theme was localization, and it incorporated stunning imagery of travelers exploring local neighborhoods and participating in authentic cultural experiences, as well as the use of social media and user-generated content to develop a sense of community around the Airbnb brand.

The “Belong Anywhere” #belongthere campaign was a major success for Airbnb, helping to raise brand recognition and promote bookings. Airbnb was able to develop a stronger emotional connection with its customers and position itself as a leader in the travel business by putting its customers’ desires and aspirations at the center of its marketing approach.

This case study exemplifies the power of customer-centric marketing and how concentrating on providing value for customers can help differentiate your brand and create business success.

Why “Belong Anywhere”, Why not something else?

The trigger for the “Belong Anywhere” #belongthere marketing campaign from Airbnb was a shift in the company’s understanding of what their customers really valued about the Airbnb experience.

Initially, Airbnb’s marketing approach was centered on advertising the available properties in its marketplace. However, the firm realized in 2014 that what customers truly liked about Airbnb was not the properties themselves, but the unique and authentic experiences that they might have when staying in an Airbnb rental.

Airbnb did considerable research to better understand its customers’ requirements and interests, which led to this discovery. According to the research, customers wanted more than simply a place to stay; they wanted to experience a location like a native and engage with the culture and people of the areas they visited.

Airbnb chose to modify its marketing approach to focus on promoting the experiences customers may have while staying in an Airbnb rental, based on their new knowledge of their customer’s demands.

As a result of this move, the “Belong Anywhere” #belongthere campaign was established, with the goal of presenting actual travelers discovering local neighborhoods, partaking in authentic cultural activities, and feeling like they belonged anywhere in the globe.

Overall, the “Belong Anywhere” #belongthere campaign was inspired by a deep knowledge of its customer’s needs and goals, as well as a desire to develop a stronger emotional connection with them by highlighting the experiences that truly meant to them.

“Belong Anywhere” to “Live There”

The “Belong Anywhere” #belongthere campaign evolved over time to reflect the changing needs of its customers and the evolving nature of the travel industry.

As Airbnb grew and expanded, the firm understood that its marketing approach needed to develop to meet the changing requirements and expectations of its customers. In 2019, Airbnb unveiled a new marketing platform called “Live There,” which drew on the core of the “Belong Anywhere” campaign but was more focused on assisting travelers to live like locals and engage with the culture and community of the locations they visited.

The “Live There” platform introduced new brand standards, a renovated website, and a new mobile app to help travelers find local experiences and interact with their hosts. This new platform was created to help Airbnb differentiate itself from other travel firms and give customers with a more personalized and authentic vacation experience.

Overall, while Airbnb has continued to evolve its marketing strategy over time, the core idea behind the “Belong Anywhere” #belongthere campaign — that travel should be about more than just finding a place to stay — remains at the heart of the company’s brand identity.

The transition from “Belong Anywhere” to “Live There” for Airbnb customers.

The transition from “Belong Anywhere” #belongthere to “Live There” #livethere was relatively smooth for Airbnb customers, as the two campaigns were closely related and built on similar ideas.

The “Belong Anywhere” #belongthere campaign was focused on promoting the unique and authentic experiences that travelers could have while staying in an Airbnb property, and the idea of feeling like you could belong anywhere in the world. The “Live There” #livethere campaign built on this idea, but focused more on helping travelers connect with the culture and community of the places they were visiting and live like locals.

Both campaigns were designed to create an emotional connection with Airbnb customers and differentiate the company from other travel companies. The transition from one campaign to the other was therefore not a major shift in messaging or brand identity, but rather a natural evolution of the core ideas that had already been established.

To facilitate the transition, Airbnb provided clear messaging to their customers about the new brand platform and the changes they could expect to see on the website and mobile app. They also provided training and support to hosts to help them understand how the changes would impact their listings and interactions with guests.

Overall, while there may have been some initial confusion or adjustment for customers during the transition, the core message and brand identity of Airbnb remained consistent, and the company was able to maintain a strong emotional connection with its customers throughout the process.

Jonathan Mildenhall mastermind behind Airbnb marketing transformation

The “Belong Anywhere” #belongthere and “Live There”#livethere campaigns were developed and spearheaded by Airbnb’s global marketing team, which is led by Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan Mildenhall.

Jonathan Mildenhall Jonathan Mildenhall joined Airbnb in 2014, shortly before the debut of the “Belong Anywhere” #belongthere campaign, and was instrumental in establishing the messaging and strategy for the campaign. Under his direction, the worldwide marketing team collaborated closely with Airbnb’s founders and product teams to ensure that the campaign was consistent with the company’s overall aims and principles.

Similarly, the “Live There” #livethere campaign was created in partnership with Airbnb’s product and design teams by the worldwide marketing team. The 2016 campaign comprised a rebuilt website and mobile app, as well as revised brand standards and messaging.

The global marketing team at Airbnb collaborated closely with a variety of creative agencies and partners to design and execute both campaigns. The overarching strategy and messaging, however, were developed in-house by the worldwide marketing team, led by Mildenhall.

“Belong Anywhere” was not alone in the Market

Airbnb’s “Belong Anywhere” #belongthere campaign was unique and innovative, and it was a key factor that helped Airbnb differentiate itself from its competitors in the travel industry. While there were other companies offering short-term vacation rentals like HomeAway, VRBO, and Flipkey, none of them had a brand identity or marketing campaign that was as distinctive as Airbnb’s “Belong Anywhere.”

However, it’s worth noting that as Airbnb’s success grew, more and more companies began to enter the vacation rental market, including large players like, Expedia, and TripAdvisor. These companies also began to invest in marketing and branding efforts to attract customers, but none of them has been able to replicate the unique identity and strong emotional connection that Airbnb has been able to create with its “Belong Anywhere” campaign.

What is there for us to learn from “Belong Anywhere” and “Live There”?

There are several key lessons that marketers and businesses can learn from Airbnb’s “Belong Anywhere” and “Live There” campaigns:

· Emphasize customer-centricity: Both campaigns were centered around the customer and their desire for unique and authentic travel experiences. Airbnb listened to its customers and recognized that they wanted more than just a place to stay; they wanted to feel like they belonged in a new place. By focusing on this customer need, Airbnb was able to differentiate itself from traditional travel companies and build a loyal customer base.

· Leverage technology: Technology played a key role in both campaigns. Airbnb used technology to personalize the experience for its users, facilitate communication and community-building, and provide local recommendations. By leveraging technology in this way, Airbnb was able to create a differentiated and highly engaging platform that met its customers’ needs.

· Build a strong brand: The “Belong Anywhere” and “Live There” campaigns helped Airbnb to build a strong brand identity that was focused on community, authenticity, and travel. By using compelling visuals, storytelling, and messaging, Airbnb was able to establish a clear brand identity that resonated with its target audience.

· Continuously evolve: Airbnb’s transition from “Belong Anywhere” to “Live There” demonstrates the importance of continuously evolving your brand and messaging to meet changing customer needs. By recognizing that its customers wanted more localized and immersive travel experiences, Airbnb was able to pivot its messaging and product offerings to meet this need.

Overall, the “Belong Anywhere” and “Live There” campaigns have undoubtedly contributed Overall, Airbnb’s “Belong Anywhere” and “Live There” campaigns have surely contributed to the company’s success and helped it establish itself as a tourism industry leader.

One thing that I feel is a difference, and other companies should focus on understanding why the end customer chooses your services over other brands. Don’t try to imitate what others have done or are doing; instead, deliver on what your consumers associate with you and then capitalize on it to establish an industry differentiator for yourself.

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