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Alphabet to Unveil Advanced Updates to Its AI Products

With the testing largely encompassing, Alphabet appears more confident of its AI product, and more interest is being generated as potential users crave what the products can do.

American multinational technology giant Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is set to reveal new updates to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) products at its upcoming Google I/O event slated for today. As reported by CNBC, besides the updates scheduled to be revealed, the company also plans to release a new Large Language Model (LLM) product.

The push to dominate in the fast-brewing AI war has pushed Google to the helm of its game in the development of new artificial intelligence products. With the company responding to the ChatGPT emergence through its Bard system, it has showcased its readiness to continue its innovation in the tech world.

The first iterations of the Bard chatbot turned out as a relative disappointment compared to the other competitors it was trying to outrank at the time. The Google I/O will focus exclusively on showing the improvements to the Bard system and also showcase PaLM 2, its most recent and advanced LLM.

As revealed, PaLM 2 is designed as a tool that can perform a wide range of advanced functions including coding analysis, mathematics tests, advanced writing, and general analysis. The tool is built to recognize 100 different languages as it looks to drive its AI innovation to different countries and peoples.

As reported, Google will showcase how its new AI tools are helping people to fulfill their potentials as well as the use of generative experiences in Search and Bard. The dedicated efforts in the push for advanced AI updates will also help Google at the forefront of the competition against its core rivals including Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT).

Microsoft quickly inked a partnership worth $10 billion with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. The partnership saw the tech giant incorporate the AI chatbot into Bing, setting a whole new pace for advanced search functionalities.

Additional Alphabet Inc’s AI Plans

The plans being nursed by Alphabet Inc as it concerns its artificial intelligence drive is an expansive one. Per the report, the plans for PaLM are set to be used for numerous industries including the medical field, and digital identity amongst others.

According to Google, the testing of the product showed the medical iteration of its Large Language Model dubbed Med-PaLM 2 “can answer medical exam questions at an “expert doctor level” and is accurate 85% of the time”.

The AI tool will also be very useful as a “Workspace AI collaborator” with plans to help in generating discussion templates as well as create images in slides. Google is already preparing PaLM for mainstream market distribution as it designed an Application Programming Interface (API) for it back in March as it looks toward a future where AI will be essential for a broad range of activities in companies.

With the testing largely encompassing, Alphabet appears more confident of its AI product, and more interest is being generated as potential users crave what the products can do.


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