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Compromised Twitter account amplifies crypto phishing scam

In a worrisome development, an infiltrated Twitter account, @steveaoki, has been exploited to endorse a cryptocurrency phishing scam. 

Unfortunately, many of @eth_ben’s followers fell victim to this scam without even realizing it, and the total losses are believed to be over $170,000. Scammers in the cryptocurrency industry use phishing emails to lure their victims into handing over personal information or sending money to fake addresses. 

Unfortunately, in this case, the hacked @steveaoki account became complicit in spreading the hoax and amplifying its effects.

Compromised Twitter account amplifies crypto phishing scam - 1

Unwittingly, @eth_ben increased the prominence of the scam by quoting its fake information, further luring his followers into the trap. This calamity should be a stern warning to proceed with extreme care, scepticism, and due scrutiny when dealing with cryptocurrencies.

How to protect yourself from the phishing scams

Users are urged to be ever-vigilant and to stick to proper practices to safeguard their precious crypto holdings. Verifying the legitimacy of accounts, giving promotions and investment possibilities a close look, and sticking to reputable sources are all crucial first steps.

It’s also important to be wary of deals you didn’t ask for and to protect your privacy by never giving out your private key or other sensitive information.

The constantly shifting crypto market needs constant vigilance from consumers, despite efforts to thwart phishing frauds and improve awareness. It is critical to beef up security measures to withstand possible attacks better.

The security of cryptocurrency assets may be significantly improved by implementing measures like two-factor authentication, using secure storage solutions, and upgrading passwords regularly.

This episode emphasises the need to be cautious, do homework, and implement robust security measures to protect crypto assets. Users may protect themselves against scams and threats in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market by maintaining vigilance and knowledge.

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